Building Blocks Pediatric, Marietta, GA Occupational Therapy, OT, Physical Therapy, PT, Speech Therapy, SP, Marietta, GA
Why do children need Occupational, Speech, or Physical Therapy?
Pediatric therapy is valuable to children who are not meeting age-appropriate, developmental milestones.  Therapists are trained to understand how children develop and can train caregivers and family members to address developmental delays in the home.
How do I know if my child needs therapy?
It is always challenging to determine if a child needs therapy. A parent or guardian may get a suggestion or hear concerns from a teacher or day care professional about their child not being able to perform a specific skill. Pediatricians frequently recommend therapy services. Sometimes, a parent may observe their child having difficulty with a skill that other same-age children have no difficulty performing (an example may be: walking, talking, swinging from a swing or writing their name). Other circumstances that may lead parents to seek out therapy include when a child is adopted from a foreign country, born with a syndrome, or is born premature. In these situations, it is always best to learn about typical development and discuss the development of your child with a pediatrician.
Building Blocks Pediatric, Marietta, GA Occupational Therapy, OT, Physical Therapy, PT, Speech Therapy, SP, Marietta, GA
What happens during a therapy session?
Therapy sessions can depend on the age of the child. When working with a child, the therapist addresses specific goals catered to your child’s needs. Therapy sessions are carefully disguised as play. Children pick what they want to do in treatment and the therapist carefully caters their goals around what motivates the child. Treatments are often as fun for the therapist as they are for the kids! Children who come to Building Blocks Pediatrics are motivated because they feel effective, proud and they have FUN! Parents are motivated because they see their child improving on specific skills and they too are learning how to carry therapy sessions over to the home.
Building Blocks Pediatric, Marietta, GA Occupational Therapy, OT, Physical Therapy, PT, Speech Therapy, SP, Marietta, GA
Does insurance cover therapy services?

Coverage of insurance is dependant on your specific insurance plan and code provided by your physician. At Building Blocks Pediatrics LLC, we have a professional billing department that will bill certain insurance plans, and invoice parents. Many insurance plans will cover a limited amount of therapy services. A physician’s prescription and diagnosis code is required by insurance companies and the state of Georgia.

Please be advised, you are ultimately responsible for payment of all services received. All families are advised to fully know and understand your insurance benefits prior to your child receiving therapy services. All insurance plans are different and it is impossible for Building Blocks Pediatrics, LLC, to know the specifics of your plan and/or if your plan will reimburse for services received. Regardless of insurance verification or anticipated insurance coverage. You are ultimately responsible to pay all fees accrued for services.

Are the therapists licensed and insured?
All of our therapists carry malpractice insurance. All therapists are licensed through the state of Georgia.
Building Blocks Pediatric, Marietta, GA Occupational Therapy, OT, Physical Therapy, PT, Speech Therapy, SP, Marietta, GA
Below are some additional sites that you might find useful.
Vital Links
Vital Links is a company that creates modulated music, which may be used for therapeutic music listening. This treatment may be used for several sensory challenges including sound sensitivity. This program can only be used by a certified therapist who has had the proper training.
The Upledger Institute
The Upledger institute is located in Florida and trains individuals on the art and techniques of CranioSacral therapy. This may be used on children with muscular restrictions and musculo-skeletal issues. There are many classes offered in Pediatrics.
SouthPaw Enterprises
Southpaw is a company that offers a variety of therapy equipment. They specialize in creating larger equipment such as suspension hardware and swings, but supply many sensory and fine motor tools as well.
Abilitations and
Integration Catalogs
Abilitations and Integrations are catalogues that sell a variety of innovative sensory tools. They work along with therapists to design many of their products.
The SPD Network
The sensory processing network attempts to “meet the needs of parents and others who are looking for services for children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), the KID Foundation was recently funded to develop the Sensory Processing Disorder Resource Directory.”