Alphabet Beats are fun, educational videos that teach children how to write the alphabet quickly and easily!
Why is Alphabet Beats Different?
Alphabet Beats is a DVD that teaches handwriting using a multi sensory approach. It is designed to engage and direct the child's attention on a single letter for approximately 5 minutes while exposing them to a rhythmic chant. Through repetition of auditory rhythm and visual demonstration, children are able to learn and remember letter formations. Children are excited to watch and write because the visual instruction is fun and engaging. Many therapists have difficulty motivating their patients to attempt writing. Alphabet Beats is a tool that motivates children to write and learn. The repetition of the chants assist the child to carryover his or her new writing skill.

Most therapists agree that if a child has been referred for therapy, there may be fundamental deficits to address besides handwriting skill. Parents can use Alphabet Beats at home and assist with handwriting and letter formation. This allows the therapist to spend more time in treatment addressing fundamental issues such as trunk strength, scapular strength, fine motor coordination, and body awareness.

How Do I Use Alphabet Beats?
In Treatment
On a TV or on a computer, there are many ways to use this DVD in a treatment session. You may introduce letter chapters into your writing groups or play a 5-minute letter chapter during an individual session. Based on the child's response and feedback, you will be able to determine if this is a successful therapy tool for them.

Other benefits of the DVD include the 8-10 vocabulary words and concepts that are presented during each letter chapter. They are both educational and therapeutically based:
Body awareness - we visually label most body parts and encourage imitation
Fine motor skills - we address cutting, tracing, tying shoes, lacing, painting, and many others
Spatial concepts - heavy vs. light, thick vs. thin, tall vs. short, etc.
Social skills - talking loud vs. talking quietly, being alone vs. being with friends, going to the dentist, visiting the doctor, obeying class rules, adjusting to “change”
Activities of daily living - brushing teeth, brushing hair, dressing, washing hands
Sensory Integration Dysfunction - touching play dough, finger painting, etc.
Strategically placing these concepts within the DVD program offers therapists a chance to discuss and use them in treatment or in a group setting. We encourage you to expand on these concepts and ideas. In order to bring the skills demonstrated in the DVD into your session, The TV Teacher™ has created downloadable activity sheets so that children can practice many activities along with Miss. Marnie.
Home Program
If a child is successful with this therapy tool, we recommend parents purchase the DVD and continue instruction at home. We have designed this program so that is affordable and parent-friendly. Alphabet Beats requires NO formal training. We encourage parents and therapists to follow the written Video Protocol on the insert in the DVD case. The protocol is also located in video format at the beginning of the DVD program. Children may use the Alphabet Beats workbook in the home, and then bring it to the clinic or school to display their success! The free Downloads are also another way to encourage practicing a skill in the home (i.e. Painting, cutting, etc.)
How is Alphabet Beats Formatted?
Actual alphabet beats lowercase menu shown at left -

The DVD menu makes it easy to select individual letter chapters, one at a time.
This program is a DVD that can be played on your computer (with DVD read capability) or on a TV. The menu is driven by letter chapters and will not play through! After each letter chapter, the DVD goes back to the main menu. It will not play until another letter (or the same letter) is selected. This is an excellent feature for children who perseverate. It also may be seen as an opportunity to encourage vocalization (to request a specific letter).
Does this Program REALLY Work?
In the short time Alphabet Beats has been available, it has made incredible progress with children all over the country. Many public schools are now beginning to adopt our program: Georgia, New York, Texas, Minnesota, and Iowa just to name a few!
The TV Teacher™ receives emails and fan mail with handwriting samples attached. Children love handwriting because Alphabet beats has made it fun for them. Feeling effective at a skill encourages good self-esteem and confidence--that's what good therapy is all about!
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The Alphabet Beats’ Story
is actually Ryan’s Story...
Susan Ellis brought her son, Ryan to Building Blocks Pediatric Therapy who was diagnosed with Autism over 3 years ago. It is Ryan’s story of his struggle to write the alphabet that inspired Susan and Marnie Danielson to create “Alphabet Beats.”
Ryan, Susan's oldest son, was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 ½. He could recite the entire alphabet by 20 months, could read and even spell words at age four, but still refused to WRITE the alphabet.

This was hindering him in school. Private Occupational Therapists, as well as therapists inside the school system, worked on this skill with him every week. But it was a very slow and unproductive process to say the least.

Knowing that Ryan loved to watch TV, and was learning so much through the educational videos Susan had purchased, she decided to video tape Ryan's Occupational Therapist, Marnie, writing the letter “C”. The idea of making a video for Ryan and Marnie's wonderful creativity with her letter chants, came together in a great teaching tool!

After watching their first 3 minute video for the first time, Ryan immediately said, “Do it again”, and happily watched it again. After the second viewing, Ryan was ready to write!! Susan helped him write the letter “C” with a hand over hand approach. While saying the letter "C" chant, Ryan's confidence grew - he finally "got it"! He was so enthusiastic, motivated, and proud of himself. He must have written over a hundred “C's” that evening alone! Most of them on his own!!

Susan cried to Marnie in awe and in joy that they FINALLY got through to Ryan--it actually worked! They began making more of their "video presents" all summer long. Ryan learned to write these letters as fast as they could make them. After the summer, Ryan started Kindergarten with ONE LESS thing to be frustrated about.
The TV Teacher™ receives emails and fan mail with handwriting samples attached. Children love handwriting because Alphabet beats has made it fun for them. Feeling effective at a skill encourages good self-esteem and confidence--that's what good therapy is all about!
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